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4 Factors to Consider Before Undergoing Plastic Surgery

plastic surgeryPlastic surgeries are on the rise. Last year, doctors performed 17.5 million procedures, up 2% from 2016.

But no procedure is without risk. Or expense. If done wrong, your beauty solution could turn into an ugly mess.

Don’t worry though. We’ve come up with a list of four factors to consider before plastic surgery.


Beauty doesn’t come cheap. Prices vary by procedure, but none fall below four figures.

On average, liposuction costs $5,500; breast augmentations go for $12,000; body procedures, such as a tummy tuck or butt lift, come in at $15,000; and facial procedures, like rhinoplasty, clock in at $18,000.

Why so expensive?

Cost factors depend on how many procedures you need or combination procedures, like the mommy makeover. The tech and anesthesia used play a role too.

Because cosmetic surgeries are elective, insurance won’t cover them. Most clinics require you to pay upfront, either by cash or credit card. However, you can (and should) ask about financing options or consider going overseas.

Your Surgeon

Don’t trust just anyone with your body. Pick someone who specializes in the surgery you want. The American Board of Medical Specialties (AMBS) should also certify them in their specialty.


The AMBS sets rigorous standards. A board certification represents the highest achievement in skills and patient care. AMBS certified doctors don’t cut corners.

But even if you do find a board-certified surgeon, ask questions. Most clinics will schedule an initial consultation, giving you a chance to meet face-to-face.

Some questions you should ask are:

  • Am I a good candidate for this procedure?
  • Have you done this before?
  • Are there treatments other than surgery?
  • What are the complications?
  • What will recovery look like?
  • Is the procedure permanent?
  • What will it cost?

The right surgeon will address all your concerns, honestly and in detail. Their priority is to help you make the best decision.


Depending on what you get done, you may have to spend a few days or weeks recovering.

Take a facelift, for example. Typical recovery takes around two weeks. You have to take medicine to manage pain, plus take care of your incisions.

Even when you can move around again, incision scars take at least a year to fade. They may limit what you can and can’t do.

Ask your doctor about the recovery process. Then, budget time for it.


Don’t expect to leave the office looking like Kylie Jenner. Results take time.

For example, Juvederm, a common dermal filler, takes a few days to set. It may take two weeks before patients see their desired results. Talk to your doctor to learn what to expect.

Do Your Homework Before Plastic Surgery

Ultimately, the decision to alter your appearance lies with you. Research the right surgeons, budget your time and money, and know what to expect.

Cosmetic work comes with its own risks, like any operation. Before plastic surgery fever grips you, ask yourself: is it worth it?

If it is, if you’re ready for a new look, check us out. We’ll help you become a better you, for a low cost, all in the warm glow of the Costa Rican sun.


Contact us today to learn more.

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