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If you have always been dissatisfied with the shape of your nose or you have been involved in an accident or sustained an injury thatís changed the appearance and/or position of your nose you are more than likely a good candidate for rhinoplasty (also known as nose surgery).

Incisions are made within the nostril area of the nose. The outer skin is then pulled back to reveal the structure (skeleton) of the nose which is made up of bone and cartilage. The bone and cartilage are then reshaped and modified in accordance with the requirements of the procedure, as is the tissue portion.

Once this part of the procedure is complete the remaining skin and soft tissue are draped over the newly formed structure (skeleton) to complete the desired new architecture and look of your nose.

The original incisions are then inconspicuously closed. In order to hold the newly shaped nose in place, a splint (also known as a shield) is generally worn by the patient for up to two weeks following surgery.