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Lower Body Lift - Costa Rica Newlook

The lower body lift is to the abdomen (tummy), hips/thighs and buttocks what a face lift is to the face. It addresses the slack and laxity in the trunk (abdomen/back) and lower half of the body.

The operation removes excess skin and fat tissues in an effort to lift and tighten loose, sagging tissues.

It does so by removing skin and underlying fat circumferentially through an incision which is designed to end up being concealable by a bathing suit or underwear, similar to the tummy tuck scar but circumferential.

The more of the loose skin is removed, the tighter and better the result. This operation does not replace liposuction and often is done in conjunction with it. Liposucton is a method to reduce contours when reasonable skin elasticity is present. But when significant sagging is present, then the excess skin must be removed surgically just like it is done in a facelift, breast lift or tummy tuck.

Removing the slack skin (and underlying fat) has a rejuvenating effect as opposed to liposuction where only body contour is improvable.

Note: This procedure is generally used by patients after a Gastric Bypass.