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A buttock lift is a procedure designed to tighten the skin of the buttock area. The procedure can be performed alone or in combination with other operations such as a thigh lift and abdominoplasty. The combination of these three operations is often called a body lift.

Like the face, the remainder of the body suffers the consequences of time, gravity and in some cases significant weight loss. While some areas are affected more than others, skin wrinkling and loss of tone occur throughout the body.

To achieve a balanced and pleasing aesthetic result, many patients seeking a tummy tuck may also need both a thigh and buttock lift.

A buttock lift is a very powerful body rejuvenating procedure that perhaps is underutilized in the United States.

The ideal candidate for this operation is an individual with excess skin along the buttocks with associated cellulite. The procedure may incorporate liposuction to achieve balance between the torso, thighs and buttocks. The incision required for the procedure is placed very low on the back, just above the buttocks. The scar, which usually heals very well, is hidden by most contemporary underwear and bikini swimwear.