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Breast implants is the most popular procedure for breast enhancement in Costa Rica and it can serve one or more of a number of purposes.

Breast cancer victims can use breast implants for reconstructive purposes after mastectomy, or women with asymmetrical breasts may use a single breast implant to balance the difference in size.

Following pregnancy, many women opt for breast implant surgery to correct reductions in breast size resulting from fluctuating hormones.

And of course many breast implant candidates are simply interested in creating a more flattering contour for breast enhancement.

Among breast enhancement procedures in Costa Rica, we offer the following options:

Patients who wish to have any type of breast enhancement must have their mammogram exam performed. The results must be sent to us in order to avoid setbacks or delays and to verify that the procedure to perform is not

We will be happy to assist you with all the information and advice you might need to make a safe and well thought out decision regarding to breast enhancement in Costa Rica.