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Post Cancer Breast Reconstruction - Costa Rica Newlook

Post cancer breast reconstruction in Costa Rica is an alternative for women who have mastectomies.

Whatever your age, marital status, sexual activity or orientation, you can’t predict how you will react to the loss of a breast.

How important is re-creating your breast to you? Can you live with "take-off-and-put-on" alternatives? Do you need surgical post cancer breast reconstruction to feel whole again? What about timing?

Seventy-five percent of women who have mastectomies go on to have surgical reconstruction of one or both breasts. Roughly half of these women decide on artificial breast implants. Most of the rest choose a surgery called the TRAM flap, which uses their own body tissue to rebuild the breast.

The majority of women who are given the choice ask for immediate breast reconstruction. Some women who have lumpectomies also choose breast reconstruction to restore a more balanced look.