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Plastic Surgery Center - La Catolica Hospital

La Catolica Hospital has been working together with Costa Rica New Look and its medical staff to give excellent medical services for a our plastic surgery patients.

Doctor Perez

La Catolica Hospital and Costa Rica New Look Medical Tourism join efforts to offer superior individualized attention, comfortable facilities and safety to the patients that are part of the program.

Throughout the time we have integrated our services to benefit the patient and allowing us to grow as a program with many satisfied customers.

We invite you to use our medical tourism program in a near future and to experience world class medical services.

Dr. Victor M. Perez, MD
Medical Director La Catolica Hospital

This is what patients have to say about the hospital:

Julia Opinski
North Carolina
The care at Catholic Hospital was superb and the nurses very caring and competent.

Downy Ferrer
The Catholic Hospital in San Josť was most accommodating and I felt right home (I reside in California) The anesthesiologist, nurses, orderlies and the rest of the staff were courteous and pleasant. Each and every individual took the time to see my needs.

Rosemary Mason
Grand Cayman
The Hospital that Costa Rica Newlook performs the surgery in was just like any hospital in Canada or the United States, except perphaps that everyone speaks spanish in general conversation. There are many bilingual staff so my limited spanish did not prove to be an unsurmountable problem.