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Common Sports Injuries in Costa Rica

The most common sports related injuries, are overuse and strain injuries. An overuse injury results from excessive wear and tear on the body, particularly on areas and muscles subjected to repeated activity such as ankle, knee, shoulder and elbow joints.

The most common high impact sport that leads to injury is running. Sports medicine experts report seeing more runners than any other recreational athletes in their clinics, followed by those who participate in skate and snow boarding, mountain biking, dance (including high impact aerobics), tennis, skiing, basketball, gymnastics, football, soccer and figure skating.

Certain types of injuries plague sports participants. Most of them, however, are minor. Knowing the early signs, symptoms and what to do can help prevent them from becoming nagging chronic pain problems.

  • Muscle Pull and Cramps
  • Neck Strain and Pain
  • Frozen Shoulder Injury
  • Strained Lower Back Injury
  • Tennis Elbow- Tendonitus, Injury
  • Runner's Knee Injury, Prevention and Treatment
  • Shin Splints prevention and Treatment
  • Sprained Twisted Ankle
  • Achilles Tendonitis Injury
  • Foot Arch Pain and Strain